I am 19 years old. Here's my story. I started by playing Minecraft and making a cool Minecraft mod (code that edits the game's core functionality) and it got a bunch of downloads in my 4th grade. Then I started making apps and games like this and this

Soon after, I started Freelancing my services and created some cool websites like this. I even got to work for Oreo, yes the cookie company. I got a cool gig working for Sean Parker's newest company: Screening Room, on the mobile app. 

Then I discovered cryptocurrencies. I was convinced it was the future. Older people asked me for my investment advice, very nerve wrecking. I created an easy way to interact with the new generation of finance called Ambo, a way to easily invest in digital assets. As the CEO, I grew the company and then sold Ambo to a company called MyCrypto after a year of working on it with my best buds. After selling it, I worked at MyCrypto as the VP of Strategy, leading our ventures into DeFi for a year. 

I then briefly worked at Dormzi, perfecting strategies relating to onboarding Gen-Z users. 

As I began college (at the Iovine and Young Academy within USC), I decided to pursue a dream of mine: creating a fund. I am now the CEO of Rari Capital, the most efficient way to deploy idle capital and autonomously achieve the highest returns. Rari Capital blew up to $95M within it, which was super cool for my freshman year. As written here, we decided to forward 50% of all profits to charity which enabled us to actually make a positive change in this world, during a time of utter chaos (2020: covid, economy wrecked, etc).


Some cool links (told my mom i would include them): 

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